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By Adam  |  3 Aug 2015 12:00:00

Are you hoping to start your own blog? Maybe just for the sake of writing a blog, but also maybe to do content marketing for your eCommerce website? Whatever your path of logic, there are many reasons you might want to start a blog. But what might be holding you back? One of the most commonly cited reasons for not starting a blog is that people worry they won't be able to think of a regular supply of content. If you start up a blog but then can't maintain it, an un-updated blog will not look very good to newcomers.


So I want to tell you about The Content Market Ear. Of course, it might just look like a hideous abomination, but notice one key thing about it: it has a giant ear. As it goes about its daily life, going to the shops, socialising with friends, that giant ear is always listening out for inspiration for its content. Ideas for new content can come from anywhere, and once you're into the habit of regularly updating your blog, you'll become like the Content Market Ear; it will just be second nature to take your inspiration from anywhere and before long you will have no trouble producing a regular supply of high quality content for your blog. This content will then ensure that you get a steady flow of traffic on its way to your site!


But, of course, not everybody has time to produce content (even though it is a very effective form of marketing) and, if that is the case, maybe Click Booster is the service for you. Click Booster is an extension of Sellr and they literally have an office full of those Content Market Ears and they just sit there silently, churning out top of the range content throughout the day! It’s a miracle of genetic engineering. They'll provide you with whatever content you need: you can give as much or as little input as you like and not only that, but they'll help you with your social media marketing too.


And, if you don't even have an eCommerce website yet, sign up for Sellr now! It is completely free. With a good marketing plan, your eCommerce website may well find its path to success.


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