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Why People Are Switching from Weebly to Sellr

By Adam  |  23 Jul 2015 08:00:00

If you're going to use a service, it's best to go over the options and see what is available to you. So, if you wanted to start an eCommerce website, you might be looking at Sellr and thinking that it seems pretty good, but at the same time also be looking at Weebly and thinking that that also seems to be a pretty solid website creation tool. So if you're having a hard time choosing between those two, this blog post will help you to see the strengths that Sellr has over Weebly. That, then, should show you why it is that people switch from Weebly to Sellr.


Weebly and Sellr both give you everything you need to create your own eCommerce website without you having to spend a thing. Both also provide paid services to make your website even more professional, so in terms of pricing, they are essentially on equal footing. However, the specifics of each of their services are a little different and it's when you get into these specifics that you realise how Sellr holds the upper hand.


Weebly's service is more general and allows you to create a website without much of a specific focus, while Sellr provides a service which is specifically based around creating a top notch eCommerce website. So with Weebly, you can put together a website to sell things on, but when customers visit they might get the impression that the eCommerce side of the website was more of an afterthought. Sellr, meanwhile, will give you what you need to create an eCommerce website with a design and layout which is fully optimised for its purpose. Beyond that, with Sellr you also gain access to several very useful tools for social media marketing and email marketing, two things which would doubtlessly bring lots of people to your website, but which Weebly does not provide.


Furthermore, both Sellr and Weebly also give you the ability to create a blog. While Weebly might have the upper hand in terms of its archiving, its system is generally much more flawed than Sellr's; it has a lot of trouble when you copy and paste text into its blog posts (and often makes your draft glitchy and unpostable) and also takes a few minutes to properly 'update' after you make edits. So if you wrote a post, and then edited it and posted it, it's possible that Weebly would post the unedited version of your work, since there is quite a delay between what you write and what Weebly has ready to post. This could mean that you're inadvertently posting things with lots of typos when it's not your fault at all! None of these flaws are present in the Sellr blog system.


So hopefully the information in this post has been helpful to you. If you have been persuaded that Sellr is the way to go for your eCommerce website/blog, then why not sign up right away? It is completely free, after all!


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