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Colour Psychology in Marketing

By Adam  |  26 Aug 2016 12:00:00

They all have a use!

When designing your eCommerce website or graphics to share on your social media feeds, you are doubtlessly going to want them to encourage as many sales as possible. Obviously, attractive images of your products, great prices and things like that are going to encourage people to make sales, but the colours you use are also going to have a significant impact. Without realising it, different colours bring out different psychological responses from people and being conscious of these things might help you to make your marketing more effective. In today's blog post I am going to go over the different effects that each colour has.


  • Red - This is the colour of excitement, passion, strength and stimulation. This is a great colour to use when trying to make people feel excited about limited time promotions which you may be offering.

  • Blue - This is the colour of thoughtfulness, intelligence, trust, reflection and calm. If you're coming at something as a professional with some serious insights into your industry, or dealing with some serious subject matter, this could be the colour to use.

  • Yellow - This is the colour of friendliness, creativity and optimism. This is perhaps the colour to use if you sell arts and crafts kinds of products. It's also worth using if you want to portray your business as a friendly, personable organisation.

  • Green - This is the colour of nature, refreshment, peace and reassurance. If you're a particularly ethical business, this is the colour to use when trying to highlight this fact.

  • Orange - This is the colour which invokes hunger, comfort, security and warmth. Definitely something to use a lot if you sell food-based products!

  • Pink - The colour of tranquillity, sexuality and nurture. If you're selling products that people will buy as gifts for people they care for a lot, pink is the colour to use.

  • Black - The colour of elegance, substance and sophistication. When you think of the use of the colour black, it is normally in association with very high-quality products.

  • White - This is the colour of neutrality, purity and sterility. If you sell some kind of health products or anything like that, then white is probably the colour to use.


Obviously, as the colour spectrum is so broad, I could go into more detail and talk more about the variations of each colour, but this will hopefully be useful to keep in mind when marketing your eCommerce website. If you don't even have an eCommerce website yet, then sign up to Sellr now and get started for no cost at all!


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