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By Adam  |  25 Jul 2016 12:00:00

Giving a blogger their fee,

Sponsored blog posts are something which might be very much worth investing in to help promote your eCommerce business. The internet is an enormous place and you want your eCommerce website to have as large a presence online as possible in order for as many people as possible to find it - after all, if nobody can find an eCommerce website, nobody will buy from it, it's not like with real shops were regular passers by might pop in.


Sponsored blog posts have a range of pros and cons - on the one hand, every link you get from another site helps to increase your rankings in search results. Getting a blog post on a site might actually help you to get sales from completely unrelated people who are searching for things on the internet. Furthermore, if a blog has a large readership, they might be very interested to see what the author is endorsing and many of their readers might become customers. On the other hand - it is against Google's code of conduct for people to pay for links and they see paid blog posts as a clear example of that. If Google catch you paying for links, both you and the blogger could get penalised and removed from search results. Legally, when somebody has been paid to advertise something, they have to make it clear, so you can't not mention that it is sponsored - you can risk it and go for it anyway (possibly disguising it by declaring it in unconventional ways) or you can have a 'nofollow' link which is allowed, but which will have a much smaller search engine impact (if any.) Either way, it can be risky.


So I hope that gives you a good idea of one of the many possible ways to market your eCommerce website. If you got a blog post endorsing you on a website which was specifically dedicated to the kind of thing you're selling, that could be a great way to get new customers! Equally, something which doesn't directly bring you much traffic and which gets you penalised will be rather detrimental. But if you don't even have an eCommerce website to promote yet, sign up to Sellr and get started right away!


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