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The Benefits of Content Marketing

By Adam  |  4 May 2016 12:00:00

Content marketing is a very useful and important thing to do to help boost your eCommerce website. The problem is that a few people have yet to fully embrace the concept, so in today's blog post I'd like to go over the main benefits of content marketing. You have probably heard people say "content is king"  and the reason they say that is because it really is an enormously important aspect of building up any website, eCommerce or otherwise.


The main thing that content marketing does is help your website to rank more highly in internet searches. How does it do this? Well, you see, search engine algorithms are heavily based on the quality of content, which will be high if you do good content marketing. If all the content written on your site is of the highest possible standard, then there's no risk of Google trawling through it and deeming it poor quality (and so ranking it lowly.) It's not just the regular pages on your site either, if you write lots of articles or blog posts about subjects which are related to your business and include lots of relevant keywords, then this will show that the site is relevant to those keywords and increase its chances of coming up for those other searches. Then of course there's the fact that if you write good content for other websites and they post it (along with a link back to your website) then you'll also rank more highly because links to websites have a large impact on rankings.


So I hope that demonstrates to you just how important content marketing is! It's something which all websites should be doing. If you're not doing any content marketing right now, you should definitely start soon. Other than the fact that you need to be producing content, what the content should be is entirely up to you. Be creative; just make sure it's still relevant to the business. However you decide to try and promote your eCommerce website, I hope it will be successful! But if you don't even have an eCommerce website, sign up to Sellr now and get started for no cost at all (we have a great blog system.)


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