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Using Humour in Marketing

By Adam  |  30 Sep 2016 12:00:00

See that grin? I made it happen.

When you are marketing your eCommerce business, do you ever use humour? You may think that as a business owner, you have to keep things very serious and professional all the time for people to treat you like a legitimate organisation and be interested in buying from you. But the truth is that there is room in professionalism for you to be lighthearted and to have a laugh - in fact it could actually be a great benefit to your marketing campaigns.


Think of it like this: if somebody tells you a joke that you find funny, you're quite likely to tell that joke to somebody else aren't you? Imagine you know Person A and Person B, but neither of them know each other: if you just have a regular and nice time with one of them, you're not all that likely to tell it to the other person, because it won't really mean that much to them. However, if Person A tells you a joke, you might tell it to Person B because they can still enjoy it. The same is true of marketing; if you share a good offer on social media (for example) people are not that likely to share it, because it won't really appeal to anybody who doesn't buy those products, but if you share something funny, it can appeal to everybody. If somebody shares a funny post you shared on your Facebook page, then you are then potentially being exposed to a large number of new prospects. If you an get a subtle sales angle in there without ruining it, that's even better!


So I hope that clearly illustrates why humour should definitely have a place within your marketing campaigns. If you make somebody laugh, that helps to endear them to you; this is true in a social context and a professional one. So I hope that this gives you a good idea of how to market your eCommerce business. If you don't even have an eCommerce website yet, then sign up to Sellr now and get yours started right away!


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