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What is Outreach?

By Adam  |  18 May 2016 12:00:00

Outreach is a very good method for improving your rankings on search engines - you may have heard that quite a few times, but what exactly is outreach? Well, if it's not a concept you're familiar with, don't worry because in today's blog post I am going to provide a useful introduction to the idea of outreach. It's an extension of content marketing and so if you don't do any content marketing, you'll struggle to do outreach, but if you do, you're in the perfect position to get started.


Outreach, to put it very simply, is the act of creating content for other people's websites. Why would you do this? Well, it's a mutually beneficial thing for you and the owner of the other website: good content is an asset to any website and if you get your own content on somebody else's website, you can include a link in it which goes back to your own site. Having links on other people's websites is a good way to boost your own rankings and so this is why people do outreach. Of course, you actually need to have some good, high quality content to offer, because nobody is going to post something which was clearly only written for the purpose of getting a link, but it's definitely an effective approach when done right. If you can't find a way to link to your article within the main body of text, then doing so in an author bi-line might be a good alternative - but try to mix it up.


So keep outreach in mind as great way to enhance your content marketing strategy. Not only will writing for lots of different sites help to boost your rankings, but if they can see that an official representative of your business has written on various different websites, it's going to make you look more trustworthy. You can list all the sites you've written for on your own site, almost as a way of proving your credentials. I hope this idea will be useful when it comes to marketing your eCommerce website, but if you don't even have an eCommerce website yet, sign up to Sellr now and get started for no cost at all!


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