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Why Your eCommerce Website is Unsuccessful

By Adam  |  4 Nov 2016 12:00:00

That look when your
website is unsuccessful.

Some of the key aspects of a successful eCommerce website get completely overlooked during the development process. Every company needs their USP, and a product that can sell, but there are other factors that extend further than the service or merchandise. It’s imperative to take the website, content and marketing into account for maximum results, many of these elements are the difference between success and failure.


Poor Design

How can anybody expect consumers to enjoy their online experience on a poorly designed website? There are countless professional options for those willing to invest. But it’s not a case of just spending money; this era boasts an array of options for web design. Compliment your vision with a sleek theme for your domain and ensure that it encompasses a user-friendly interface. Sellr is one of the best options around for creating an eCommerce website these days and if you've been having trouble with other providers, it would be well worth



This isn’t something that can be met over night; it takes hours of research and structure. Utilise all the online tools available at your fingertips, with social media playing a huge part of companies’ marketing strategies. It’s important to aim at a specific demographic, so ensure that you know the type of person that you’re targeting. Some new investors underestimate the importance of quality marketing via social media, SEO and advertising which leads to the next point.

Too Spammy

It’s no good constantly reposting what you are selling with the same mundane sales pitch. Put some character into your posts and really empathise with your target audience. It can be good to touch on topical subjects, as well as other information too. Give your consumers something to captivate their attention rather than merely pitching to them 24-7.  Your content will be relevant for your particular audience, limit your selling posts to one every three posts on social media and vary your online content.


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