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Boost Your Music Career with an eCommerce Website

By Adam  |  1 Dec 2015 10:00:00

The music industry is perhaps one of the hardest to get into. Sure, being able to play an instrument may be a specialist skill (and very admirable too) but it's a specialist skill that a lot of people have, meaning that there are a lot of out of work musicians. If you are a musician, you may well be working another job in order to pay the bills, but you won't want to give up your dreams. Maybe you do a few gigs every now and then, or maybe you do a bit of busking on weekends, but what else can you do to further progress your musical career?


One thing which might well be worth your time is starting up your very own eCommerce website and using it to sell your music. Doing this would have a fairly long list of benefits. Firstly, if you ever found yourself applying for some musical work in the future, having started a site will make for an impressive addition to your CV. Plus, of course, it's a good way to make yourself look professional and stand out from other amateur musicians. Running a musical eCommerce website would be good to do in conjunction with a YouTube or SoundCloud page; if you use either of those sites then you'll be able to draw in a number of people thanks to the quality of your work; but then you could make some of the songs purchase-exclusive, so if they like you and want more, then they will have to pay!


You could sell download copies or you could sell physical CDs (and just produce them as you need to), whichever option best suits you. If you build up a fanbase, you could sell t-shirts too and then whenever people wear them they'll be advertising you! It's certainly a very good opportunity for up and coming musicians. But you must always be sure to market yourself and to let people listen to some of your music for free (it will be hard to sell people copies of music they've never heard) because this could be essential to your success. All going well, this could be a chance to turn a hobby into a source of income! If that sounds like something you'd like to do, sign up to Sellr now for no cost at all.


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