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What to Write in a Newsletter

By Adam  |  24 Jun 2015 19:00:00

If you've got your 'Sellr Pro' or 'Sellr Business' eCommerce website up and running, you're probably going to start thinking in more detail about your long term plans. One thing you might want to do, in order to keep your customers up to date, is send out a newsletter at the end of every month. Writing up a whole newsletter every month might seem daunting, but actually, it may well be a lot easier than you'd think. In this post I'm going to talk about some of the things you could write about in your newsletters.


The first, and easiest, thing you could do is start every month with a sale. I realise that it may not be financially viable to have sales so regularly, but all you'd need to do is reduce one item a little at the start of every month; you can then write about the sale in the newsletter and why it's so good. If the sale only lasts for a day, this can be highlighted in the newsletter, creating a sense of urgency. People may well come to your site to buy the reduced item and then buy some other things while they're there too! If you do this every month that will always give you something to include in the newsletter.


Another possibility is writing about a news story in an area relevant to your business. If you sell historical memorabilia, then you could cover a new exhibition at a museum, for example. Keeping up to date with current affairs in your area of business is always a good idea as it cements you as an authority on the subject. This is also something you could do if your eCommerce website has a blog. With a blog, you should be updating it at least once a week. If you do have a blog, just use one of the blog posts as a subject which you cover in the newsletter, but even if you don't have a blog and aren't used to finding stories like that, it shouldn't be hard to find one news story a month which will be of interest to your customers.


Beyond that, just talk about your business. If you've won an award or something, be proud, let people know! If you've got plans for a new feature on your eCommerce website, tell your customers what they can look forward to. Even if you've got nothing solid planned for the upcoming months, talk more generally about your plans and about what you'd like to do in future.


So if you weren't confident that you'd be able to keep up with a monthly newsletter, hopefully this has gone some way to persuading you otherwise! The ability to send scheduled emails, such as newsletters, is exclusive to SellrPro and SellrBusiness and these effective marketing tools show that it really is worth paying the extra money for them. But even if it's outside of your price range, the free version of Sellr is still very useful and it would be well worth your time to give it a try!


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