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Ekmpowershop Review

By Adam  |  30 Sep 2015 09:00:00

Ekmpowershop is probably the best known UK eCommerce solution. If somebody knows only one UK-based eCommerce solution, then the chances are that they know Ekmpowershop. You see, they've been around for years so it's given them time to build up this good reputation. Since they are so well known, they must be doing something right, so I have decided to investigate and see what it is like to use Ekmpowershop. What I discovered surprised even me...


They have a standard £24.99 a month package and that's the only payment option. They do also have a free 'trial' which you can use for fourteen days to see if the service is right for you. Why did I put 'trial' in quotation marks? The reason is that they do not give you an actual trial, they give you a demo and the work you do on it will actually be erased after a short period of time, very unlike an actual 'trial'. Anyway, ignoring that, they give you a simple system which you can use to create your own eCommerce website and will host it for you as well. The standard affair for an eCommerce service and certainly not something to be disappointed with...


But Ekmpowershop has a huge number of flaws. Customer feedback is nearly always discarded and changes to the service are often made without much input from customers. These changes then cause parts of their system not to work, meaning your eCommerce website will no longer be functional. Their customer support team will fix any problems with your website... If you pay them. Furthermore, they have a forum where you can chat with other users about ways to fix bugs. Ekm quickly realised that they'd stand to make more money if they had people paying them to fix their problems rather than having other customers tell them what to do, so they just delete posts which are especially helpful and block users who are offering help. Speaking of help, they do not offer twenty-four hour support; your website has gone down on a Friday night? It won't be back up until Monday morning, at the earliest, and who knows; maybe they'll charge you for it? That's not to mention that they seem to have no respect for customer privacy.


So if you were thinking of using Ekmpowershop to start up your own eCommerce website... Don't do it. I hope that this blog post will help you to avoid a huge amount of stress and frustration! For an alternative, you might like to try Sellr; we're always adjusting the service to match what customers have asked for (rather than in spite of what they have asked for), we offer twenty-four hour support and absolutely respect the privacy of all customers. Plus, we offer four different packages to suit businesses of all different sizes which we think is much better than Ekm’s 'one size fits all' approach. So if that sounds like something you might be interested in, why not sign up to Sellr now?


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