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Set Up Your Domain Through Yahoo Small Business

By Adam  |  11 Jul 2015 15:00:00

If you want to start up your own eCommerce website, whether as a wholly new business venture or as an extension of an existing business, then something you might want to consider doing is buying a domain. A domain makes your business look just that little bit more serious and just that little bit more professional, not to mention that it is better for search engine optimisation purposes. Yahoo Small Business offers a popular webhosting service, so in this blog post I am going to talk about naming your domain and then how you can use it for your Sellr store.


Naming your domain is something you should be sure to spend a good amount of time on. Some people might think "That's easy, I'll just use my full name. That will be free!" and it probably will be free, but it would not be a good choice. You first need to consider that nobody is likely to casually write your full name into Google and therefore is unlikely to come across your website by chance. Furthermore, just going for your name also looks a bit unprofessional. Going for your business name on its own is not unprofessional, but the problem with that is that people are also not that likely to do an online search for your business unless they are already familiar with it. The best thing, therefore, is to go with the name of your business and then add a word or two about your product or service afterwards so that casual browsers are more likely to find you. If you had a business called Veranda and you sold glass ornaments, would be a good domain name.


Anyway, once you've decided on your domain name and made a purchase, this is what you need to do next. When you're logged into your account, click on 'Manage Advanced DNS Settings' under the 'Domain Control Panel' header. Go to the 'A and CNAME Records' section and click to edit to 'A Record'. Change the ‘Destination’ to the Sellr IP address, which is Click to edit the 'CNAME Record' beneath it and copy and paste the current URL of your Sellr store and then click 'Submit'. Now you're pretty much done!


Head back to Sellr and log in, then click on the 'Website' tab and then 'Website Domain Names' where you should find the next stages of the process laid out nice and clearly for you. You shouldn't really encounter any issues, but if you do, don't hesitate to get in touch! We can be reached over the phone on 01225 422200 or via email at We are very happy to help and hope that you will be happy with your new domain.


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