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Twitter Character Limit to Change?

By Adam  |  3 Feb 2016 12:00:00

Since its original launch, Twitter has had a 140 character limit on all tweets. The idea behind the character limit was that everything would be nice, short and punchy. With everything at 140 characters or less, there was never any risk of people sharing long blocks of text that others might find boring. But the 140 character limit wasn't a solely good thing; some people felt that it was far too restrictive and forced a lot of users to have to use text language and so forth in order to get across what they wanted to say. Plus, any time somebody shares an image, a significant portion of their character limit is cut down! Whether you love it or hate it, it seems quite possible that Twitter will soon do away with the 140 character limit.


Supposedly, the 140 character limit is soon to be replaced by a 10,000 character limit. This is the current character limit for private messages over Twitter. Some people will be very happy if and when this happens, because it will mean that they are given the opportunity to say something much more substantial in their Twitter account. On the other hand, this also then means that you won't just be able to scroll through the Twitter feed and quickly read through the tweets because some of them then may be very long! In fact, Twitter without the character limit... What real appeal does it have over other social media websites? It will have lost its unique selling point of having everybody be very straight to the point! 


So whether or not this would be a good thing for Twitter is up for debate, but it's certainly very interesting to see that they may soon be changing something that has always rested at their very core. It will doubtlessly also have an affect on the Twitter marketing strategies of a lot of people. Is there something you would be able to do with a 10,000 character limit on Twitter which you cannot do currently? Might it be able to help your marketing? These are all things to consider. Hopefully this will have a positive effect on your marketing and your eCommerce business will continue to grow.


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