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What Does the Google Penguin Update Mean?

By Adam  |  27 Sep 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

Just updated. As you may have seen in one of our recent blog posts, we predicted that there was going to be an update to Google's algorithm and now it has happened. The Google Penguin update is big news for anybody who has a website which they make money from (which includes all of you) and so you need to know just what this change might mean for you and your business.   What Google's algorithm does is determine the order that websites come up for different search

How Could EKMPowershop Stop Their Decline?

By Simon  |  27 Sep 2016 09:00:00  |  Full article...

It's really interesting watching the path of companies that operate on the Internet. Many of them gain customers quickly, reach a peak and then begin the long wedge of doom (WOD), which can take many years. Others plateau when their system is still very popular, but their market is saturated. EKM Powershop seems to have had a more dramatic decline which is worrying for anyone using or thinking of using their system. Interest in their system is now back to the levels seen in

Things to Know Before Hiring Staff Part 2

By Adam  |  26 Sep 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

"We all have a laugh here." You may well have seen Saturday's blog post, where I spoke about some of the most important things to keep in mind before hiring staff. If you didn't see it, check it out here. Anyway, that blog post was really just a bit of a warm up and so for today's post I would like to continue that train of thought and present you with a few more things which you need to keep in mind before hiring staff. Do Not Talk About Politics: The

Things to Know Before Hiring Staff

By Adam  |  24 Sep 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

"I don't respect you." Eventually your eCommerce website may grow to the point where you can afford to hiring some employees to work under you and it would be a great benefit if you did hire somebody else to help you work on your business. Nonetheless, if you have never had anybody working under you, there are certain things which you really should be aware of before hiring any members of staff. If you don't really know how to manage people or aren't really aware of

Back to Basics Business

By Adam  |  23 Sep 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

Learn from this teacher. If you've recently signed up to Sellr then that means that you are going to be planning to start up your own eCommerce business. This is a great idea because the eCommerce business is booming and the internet gives an avenue for small businesses (especially ones in remote communities) to reach a much larger number of people than they ever would otherwise! If you're setting up your Sellr account and therefore running a business for the very first time,

Twitter Character Limit Changes

By Adam  |  22 Sep 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

Thanks, Twitter. I always wanted you to do this If you speak to social media marketers about Twitter, there's one thing I bet most of them will all agree is really annoying and that is the fact that media attachments take up part of Twitter's character limit. Twitter's big unique selling point is that their 140 character limit will stop people from writing overly long and boring posts: but how does it make sense for them to include media attachments in that? Media breaks up

Is a Google Algorithm Change Coming?

By Adam  |  19 Sep 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

"My name is Google." Anybody who makes their living through running a business is kind of at the mercy of Google. If your money comes exclusively from people visiting your site, other than a few people who may already have you favourited, almost everybody is going to come to you through Google searches. So if the Google algorithm changes, that might mean that your site suddenly doesn't rank quite so well and you might find that you are getting less traffic and making fewer

How Do We Read Websites

By Adam  |  12 Sep 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

Reading a website is not like reading a book. Did you know that the average person will only stay on a webpage for about twenty seconds before clicking off it? When monitoring how much traffic your site is receiving, it is elevating to see high numbers. However, it is discomforting to know that a majority of the people aren’t seeing your content. Logically, to sell more products, customers will have to spend more time on your website and the longer they spend there, the more likely

Choosing Your Domain

By Adam  |  2 Sep 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

What's your URL? For your eCommerce website to be taken seriously as a professional business, you're going to need to buy your own domain. Sure, you could start out without a domain (for example, when using Sellr FREE) but you should absolutely get yourself a domain eventually. When buying a domain, however, there are a lot of things to take into account, because obviously, a site's URL is very important!   So, imagine you've been using a name for your

Majestic SEO Tool

By Adam  |  31 Aug 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

There are so many things which effect the SEO of different websites. Obviously, the quality of the site itself, the content on it and the user experience are all large factors which are used to determine whether or not a site is worth ranking highly, but another huge and significant factor is what's going on off site; most significantly, the links that lead back to your site. One of the best tools for analysing the off site factors on a website is Majestic.   Majestic is a

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