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By Adam  |  26 Oct 2015 10:00:00

These days, when somebody decides that they want to buy something online, the website they're going to turn to will almost certain be Amazon. It didn't take them long to grow into the blue whale of the eCommerce pond and virtually every internet user is familiar with them. So you can understand why it is that Amazon is also one of the first websites that people think of when they decide that they want to start selling online. The problem is, for all the efforts Amazon make to keep their customers happy, they really don't provide that much of a great service for their sellers; for example, Amazon often seem to arbitrarily withhold sellers' payments for months at a time, which is obviously very damaging to small businesses. It's appalling, but also not hugely surprising coming from a huge corporation like Amazon.


So to avoid Amazon's nonsense, have you ever considered starting your own eCommerce website? Having your own website will give you a nice sense of freedom when you're able to decide on the website's design all by yourself and are not messed around by the decisions of some far-removed higher ups. Plus, having your own website will also make you look a lot more professional. Anybody can sell over Amazon, but not just anybody will have their own website. From a customer's perspective, they're going to want to know they can trust you before they make any kind of purchase and an eCommerce website will help them to see that yes, you can be trusted and, yes, you are worth their money.


So, if you do think it sounds like a good idea to start your own eCommerce website, why not sign up to Sellr? You don't need to worry if you don't have a huge budget, because we offer several different sized packages, including 'Sellr FREE' which can be used for an unlimited period of time, gives you everything you need to create your own eCommerce website and, you guessed it, is totally free. But we also offer larger packages with more advanced features; if you go for the £199.99 a year 'Sellr Pro' package then we'll even make an eCommerce website just to you! All you'll need to do is give us your specifications and we'll make it just the way you want it, and that's to say nothing of all of the comprehensive marketing tools you'll be given access to. If that does sound like something that will be appropriate for you, I hope you will find success through Sellr.


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