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Important SEO Factors

By Adam  |  11 Apr 2016 12:00:00

SEO is a very complex and complicated subject, but there are some important SEO factors to keep in mind. While there are hundreds of factors, there are two things which are probably most important to remember: the first is how much content you have on the site (that's high quality, useful content) and the second is how many other websites have links to your site on them (that's proper, non-spammy links.) But what can you do to do well with these things?


If you want to have good content on your site, an easy thing to do is to keep a blog or to post articles. Everything you post should be on subjects that are somehow related to your business. By covering a lot of related subjects, it will mean that your site will pop up on more internet searches. The content you'll cover will be the kind of things that your potential customers will be interested in and so, hopefully, they will come across your content during their everyday internet browsing. Furthermore, content like this will help to cement you as an expert in your industry and show your customers that you are worth trusting, encouraging people to buy from you.


Link Building
The more links back to your site, the better! There are small things you can do (like having links on social media profiles and sharing on social media) and there are big things you can do (like writing an article for another website which links back to your own.) The best way to get articles on other sites is by professionally approaching them and pitching a piece of content to them. If they like it and they post it that's excellent, the more links you have the more highly you'll rank on internet searches. It’s important to ensure these articles aren’t too sales oriented though, as many websites will view that as unappealing.


But which of these things is most important? And which should you do first? Well, it makes sense to focus on the content first, because while lots of links will help you to rank more highly, an insubstantial site with lots of links won't rank well because search engines will not identify it as a useful page and they're almost always focused on the user first. But at the same time, you can have lots of content without many links and fail to rank as a result.I hope this basic introduction has given you a good idea of what you can do to help improve the SEO on your eCommerce website. If you don't even have an eCommerce website, then sign up to Sellr and get one started for no cost at all!


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