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Listing Items on Your Sellr Site and eBay Simultaneously

By Adam  |  22 Jun 2015 10:00:00

Today, if somebody is thinking of buying something online, they'll almost certainly check eBay first. The fact is, that when people think online shopping, they think eBay. Does that mean we should all give up and go home? Of course not! There is very much still a place for the independent businesses in the current world of the internet and Sellr can help you to use eBay to get more customers on your own site.


If you've got an eBay account, you should have a link back to your own website on there. In fact, any website you use should contain links back to your own site, because you never know who might be interested. But, anyway, if you have an eBay account and  you want anybody to notice it (and therefore notice the link back to your own website too) you're going to have to have items for sale. Sellr allows you to list items on your own site and eBay simultaneously and, with a good strategy, this could be a great way to increase those sales.


You might worry that, if all your items are also listed on eBay, people would never have to visit your site. And there are several ways to solve that problem. One possibility could be to list your more common items on eBay, while the things which are much more unique to you remain exclusive to your website. That way, maybe somebody is looking for a fairly run of the mill item and they see it listed on eBay from you (maybe they also see that you offer great prices) and they look at your account and see that you have your own website, look there and find even more exciting items and offers.


Also, if you do list items that aren't provided by many other businesses, people might just search on eBay, see yours there, order it and think nothing of it. If you're offering a unique product and nobody else has it on eBay, if you don't list it then when people look for it on eBay they'll realise it's not there and search on Google which will lead them straight to your website! Another good idea could be, to list these unique items on eBay, have people buying from you for a while, build up a consumer base, then take it down. They'll check your account, to see whether you've got that product that they love in stock and see that you have not, they'll see also that you have your own website and check to see if the product might be there. It is! All of a sudden, they've gone from somebody who buys your products over eBay to somebody who buys directly from your site.


There're a lot of ways this can work for you, which is why it's such a useful service. A keen eyed business person can probably find many ways to make it work in their favour. Maybe you have a sale on which is only on the website, but advertised on the products listed on eBay? Maybe you send out a discount code to somebody who purchased from you on eBay, but the code only works for your site? The possibilities are endless and it's certainly something you could make good use of.


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