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Marketing Strategies for eCommerce

By Adam  |  28 Jun 2015 15:00:00

Are you in a position where you want to get started with an eCommerce business, but you're worried that nobody will ever find your website? Well, if so, this blog post might be very helpful to you, as I am going to go over several marketing strategies which will doubtlessly come in handy for anybody with a growing business.


The first thing to try is Up Selling. If you're not familiar with the concept, Up Selling is when a customer is about to buy a product and then you offer them a more expensive, enhanced version of the same product and ask them whether or not they'd be interested in buying that instead. For example, somebody might wish to purchase a pen and you would suggest to them purchasing a set of pens instead. It's the kind of thing which makes a lot of sense because you already know that the person you're dealing with is going to make a purchase, so you may as well take a chance and see whether they'll make a bigger purchase. Up Selling is a feature exclusive to 'Sellr Business', so you can make full use of it, with that service.


Another thing to do is to make use of social media. Facebook and Twitter especially may be untapped goldmines when it comes to reaching new people and making sure your old customers stay with you. Links to social media outlets on your homepage will drive existing customers to your feeds, which they may well subscribe to, and then just like that you have an ongoing connection to them which will always keep you fresh in their minds. Posting engaging content will encourage your audience to share your social media posts in their own feeds, which means that they will hopefully then get seen by new people. Twitter also allows you to see popular hashtags, which you can use to target specific customers. All of this is completely free to do, so you should get your business onto social media as soon as you can!


It is also a good idea to encourage users to write reviews of your service and/or products. When you're a small business and somebody finds your site, for all they know they're one of the first customers ever and thoughts like that can make a person uneasy as they will feel like there is less of a guarantee of satisfaction; if you encourage customers to write reviews after a purchase then you're eCommerce website will be much more appealing to newcomers. You could edit your confirmation emails, so that they also say that you'd really appreciate any reviews that are posted. This is something you can do even if you only have 'Sellr FREE'!


One final thing is that you could make sure to maintain a blog on your eCommerce website. If you're writing regular posts, it will give people a chance to see the human side of the business, which will endear them to your business and think of it as something they want to support. Comments on blogs also give a nice form of communication with customers. On top of that, having lots of blog posts is a good SEO tactic, as, the more blog posts you have, the more likely somebody is going to come across one of them and the more likely somebody is to become a customer!


Of course, these are just a few suggestions and there are many other ways that you can market your business (a large number of other marketing techniques are available with 'Sellr Business') and if you have any of your own ideas which you've not seen discussed anywhere else, by all means try them! Innovation is always very important. If you're thinking that now could be the best time for a marketing campaign for your business, then maybe you should upgrade your Sellr account so that you get the additional marketing benefits.


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