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PCA Predict and PostCode Anywhere

By Simon  |  23 Jan 2016 12:00:00

PCA Predict and PostCode Anywhere aim to save you money by avoiding shipping and delivery problems. PCA Predict


PostCode anywhere have been around for a while. Their main offering is something really simple, but equally really useful. You enter your postcode on a websiite checkout and their system provides a popup showing all the addresses at that postcode. From there you scan select your address.

You've probably seen this on many internet shops and ecommerce systems. In fact PCA Predict / Postcode Anywhere are so prevelant that you've most likely used their software at some point without realising it.

So why is it something that you should use?

That's simple. It works on the theory that our of a thousand orders, some - maybe many - will not have entered their address correctly. If this is the case then you're going to send out their purchased items potentially to the wrong address. This can prove costly. Either the item(s) could be lost or you migth have to pay for a redelivery both taking up time and unneccessary expense.

You can use PCA Predict / Postcode Anywhere with the online store builder. It's really easy to set up and you can activate it straight away.


On a different note - why did PostCode Anywhere change their name to PCA Predict? I have no idea!




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