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Sellr Control Panel Update

By Adam  |  17 Oct 2015 12:00:00

We've got some exciting news for those of you who have been using Sellr for a long time; we're updating the control panel! This may not sound like much to some people, but we've realised that certain aspects of the control panel are not exactly the most user-friendly things and so we're changing it and getting rid of all these minor issues. After the update the whole system will be much more streamlined and easy to use; hopefully this will save you all a bit of time whenever you sit down to work on your eCommerce website. If you can get certain menial tasks done more quickly, it means you can spend more time working on the more important aspects of your business. Being easier to use, it will also mean that you will find it easier to customise your website and make it an even more unique reflection of your business.


These changes have been made based on numerous customer suggestions (and, of course, some of our own ideas) as we are always keen to ensure that Sellr is exactly what our customers want and need. If you use Sellr and have some ideas about how the service could be improved then get in touch! If you have some ideas that we like we'll take them on board and, before long, you'll find that they've been fully implemented. There have been many instances where we've adapted based on customer feedback, so do send us an email or give us a call if you ever want to share your thoughts.


The update will be along very soon and doubtlessly be very useful to you all! If you don't even have an eCommerce website yet, then now seems as good a time as any to create one. Sellr is completely free to use and with it you are given access to all the tools you need to create your own online shop. If you don't feel like building a shop, you could go for the £199.99 a year Sellr Pro package and then we'll make one just for you, following any specifications and instructions that you have. It would be a unique website, totally different from the templates you build on in the free package. You'll get exactly what you’ve always wanted. So if that sounds appealing, go ahead and sign up now!


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