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Why Sellr is Better Than Shopify

By Adam  |  18 Jan 2016 12:00:00

If you write "eCommerce website" into a search engine, you'll find that Shopify is one the first things that comes up. So for people who want to make an eCommerce website, there's a good chance that they'll end up using Shopify because Shopify has a good search engine ranking. But the fact is that a good search engine ranking is not a strict comment on the quality of a business. There are several other businesses out there which are equal to or better than Shopify. In today's blog post I would like to tell you about all the reasons that Sellr is better than Shopify:


- You can use Sellr for free with our "Sellr FREE" package and this will allow you to make and run an eCommerce website indefinitely. This gives you plenty of time to decide when, if ever, you want to sign up for one of our paid packages.
- Shopify gives you a fourteen day free trial and then, after that, you have to pay. This is not a long enough period of time for you to find out whether you want to invest in a paid Shopify package.
- At the opposite end of the spectrum, with our £199.99 "Sellr Pro" package, we'll make you a unique website to your specifications. With the annual £499.99 "Sellr Business" package, we'll make the site for you and you'll get an enormous range of priceless marketing tools.
- The biggest Shopify package costs an equivalent of £1494.36 a year and they won't even make your site for you for that much!

- Sellr gives you a selection of website templates, which you can then easily customise to make unique. More technical users can do more technical edits by adjusting the source code.
- Shopify use a simple drag and drop system and never allow you to edit your site's source code, making it hard to make your site truly unique.
- Sellr gives you all the vital tools needed for content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing - two things which are vital in today's technological age and will make a big difference in a business's level of success.
- Shopify have a few social media features, but generally do not focus on marketing all that much, leaving you to figure these things out for yourself.


So as you can see, Shopify is lacking in many ways that Sellr excels! So if you do want to start an eCommerce website sometime soon, be sure to keep these facts in mind! Not only does Sellr offer a more cost effective choice, but it also has some features which are much more impressive.  If you are interested in Sellr, sign up right away and get started for no cost at all!


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