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A Good Work Environment

By Adam  |  9 Aug 2015 12:00:00

Have you got a Sellr account? Did you have plans of putting together a superb eCommerce website, only to have life and procrastination get in the way? Well, if that is the case, then I am going to try and offer some helpful advice in this blog post. So if you're stuck staring at the homepage of your website and you know you need to write some text about your business, but have so many distractions to hand (including, perhaps, this blog post) then read ahead, as I might be able to get you out of the rut that you seem to be stuck in!


A huge thing to consider is: where do you work on your eCommerce website? Do you do it in the living room, where family members/friends/housemates can be distractions, or do you have an office? Of course, you don't need anything fancy, but a good idea could be to make a quiet space as a place for you to work on your website. You are starting a business and to run a business you need a professional space to work. Maybe just set up a desk in your bedroom; tidy it up and maybe lock the door whenever you want to get work done. It's best to be working somewhere without a television too as you'll doubtlessly work less efficiently with one on, even if it's just in the background. Furthermore, don't be afraid to tell the people you live with when you're trying to work; hopefully they will respect that you are busy and try their hardest not to disturb you. That's the best approach to take if you can't create your own office space, but you should definitely try to create a nice work environment for yourself.


Another thing to consider is making a schedule. Doubtlessly, you have commitments beyond your Sellr store and it might be hard to fit in time to develop your business. Why not look at your weekly schedule and designate one hour of every week to working on your website? Once you’re into the routine of it, you'll find that it's second nature. But of course this, and the rest of the advice I offered, all depends on the way your mind works. These may be the best pieces of advice for most people, but not everyone is the same. Maybe you work better in a relaxed environment with the television on in the background and I would certainly not want to stop you from working like that! Just make sure that, wherever you work, it’s the best environment for you.


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