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Amazon's Prime Day and the World of eCommerce

By Adam  |  14 Jul 2015 12:00:00

Tomorrow is going to be Amazon's Prime Day. I'm sure you've heard of it, but just in case you haven't, let me explain: Amazon offers a paid service called Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a monthly subscription where the customers are given access to much faster shipping options, as well as additional features such as free movies with Amazon Prime Instant Video and music with Amazon Prime Music. Now that Amazon is close to reaching its twentieth anniversary, as a form of celebration it is having 'Prime Day' where it will have a range of sales (for one day only) which promise to be 'better than black Friday' and, of course, this will only be available to users with Amazon Prime.


While they are cutting down a lot of prices, this does stand to make Amazon an awful lot of money. How many people will sign up for Amazon Prime just so that they'll have access to the sales? Since you're always allowed one free month of Amazon Prime, it will probably quite a few! And how many people will forget to cancel that subscription before they have to pay for the next month? How many people will be so impressed with Amazon Prime that they think they can justify paying the monthly fee? Amazon stands to make a lot from this.


And this kind of paid subscription continues to be an upward trend in the world of eCommerce. More and more eCommerce websites are offering similar services and Amazon continues to enhance and develop their own. Does that mean that you need a subscription based service to be a success? No it doesn't. But these are proving to be great ways to make more money with eCommerce websites


Amazon, by claiming to rival Black Friday with Prime Day, is making it clear to everybody that eCommerce is just as viable as shopping in person and after tomorrow, a lot of people are likely to take shopping online a lot more seriously. So it's a good time to get involved with eCommerce! Sign up to Sellr now and create your own website. It is completely free!


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