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Amazon to Make Top Gear Follow Up

By Adam  |  30 Jul 2015 19:00:00

It was announced today that Amazon have arranged a deal with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, who used to be the stars of the BBC programme Top Gear, and they will soon be producing a new and similar series for Amazon Prime's Instant Video service. As there are a lot of dedicated Top Gear fans, it is very likely that this will see a sudden rise in people signing up for Amazon Prime so that they will be able to watch it: and since they'll be paying for Amazon Prime for that, it's likely that they'll make full use of it and use it to get free next day delivery on Amazon's products.


So what can you, owner of an independent eCommerce website do with a piece of information like that? Well, what I want to say is that, if you have any other talents, or any other kind of following/presnece on the internet, that it certainly wouldn't hurt to associate it with your eCommerce business. Amazon is now going to attract more people to its eCommerce services without even doing something related to eCommerce: this is purely a piece of television entertainment news. That's not to say that I expect you to be able to produce a follow up to a multi-million pound television programme, but think smaller scale. Are you a vlogger? A blogger? Even an artist or photographer? If you do something else on the interent and people are interested, make the connection between it and your eCommerce website. People who find you through your other outlet might then be interested in your eCommerce website and it may well work in reverse too.


The point is, that you should consider yourself a brand and if you do two very different things on the interent, it is a good idea to present them as two aspects of the same thing. It's a good way to increase your marketing and have new people find your work. Equally, if you started with an eCommerce website and then made something else too, you could then draw attention to it once it had begun to grown. So if you do have any other outlets on the internet, tie them all together and increase the audience/customers for them all!


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