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AmazonFresh to Come to the UK?

By Adam  |  31 Aug 2015 18:00:00

Amazon's always been trying to defy expectations. When it originally started, all it sold was books but it has slowly grown and grown and now encompasses pretty much everything in the world of eCommerce. If it can be sold online, you can bet that Amazon are doing it already or planning to in the near future. One of these many different branches of Amazon is AmazonFresh.


AmazonFresh, as you may be able to guess, deals with the sale and delivery of fresh foods. If people place an order with AmazonFresh they should have their fresh food ready for them either later the same day, or the next day at latest. It's an interesting approach because people like to like to order things online and they also like fresh foods. In the past, ordering the food was a nice way to save you the work of having to go to the supermarket, but you were less likely to get the food quite so fresh. So Amazon came up with AmazonFresh to help people who wanted fresh food and to further develop their all-in-one eCommerce experience. And it seems as if this service might just be coming to the UK soon...


What's interesting about AmazonFresh, and something which you might want to take away from this, is that they work with smaller businesses and use these partnerships to provide a larger range of products. This is, perhaps, something you might like to try; if you are aware of any local businesses which are not active on the internet, you might wish to approach them and suggest that they team up with you to get their products for sale online (via your eCommerce website). But this is something I'll go into more detail on in a later blog post. For now it's just interesting to watch and reflect the different ways that Amazon contributes to the world of eCommerce.


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