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Artificial Competition

By Adam  |  14 Sep 2015 15:00:00

If you have an eCommerce business, you doubtlessly think that it’s a pretty good one. How can you make people see your business in the same positive light that you see it? Well, one thing you might like to try is creating some artificial competition for yourself. Are you familiar with the concept of artificial competition? If not, I am going to use today's blog post in order explain it and also to tell you how you can use it to help boost your own business.


Artificial competition is when you create another business to be a rival to your own. You can then use that business to make the main one look good and vice versa, with both having their own unique uses. Perhaps this sounds a little underhanded and devious, and, of course, I understand if you don't think this is something you'd like to do, but it is the kind of thing which goes on in the world of business. With Sellr, it would be especially easy to create some artificial competition because, after you've created an eCommerce website for your business (or had us create one for you) you could then make another Sellr account and use it to create a website for your 'rival business'. Without making it clear that it's you running both of them, you could then list several of the same products but offer them at more expensive prices and perhaps offer less useful descriptions and things like that. Who knows? Maybe some people will buy from the more expensive website.


Anyway, once you've created that fake rival business, you can then draw attention to your own business's strengths over the artificial competition in your content marketing. Your bussiness's qualities will look even better when compared to a business which lacks those qualities. And when you have two different websites, there's also a bigger chance that people will find you because if they don't find one, they might find the other and if they find the more expensive one maybe you'll make a bigger profit! But you do need to consider the time it will take to create the second website and whether or not it will be worth your time to do so. But if you don't even have one eCommerce website yet, why not sign up to Sellr now? For no cost at all you can make your eCommerce dream into an eCommerce reality!


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