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By Adam  |  21 Aug 2015 19:00:00

It was reported by that more and more people are being disappointed by their eCommerce experiences, the reason? Businesses are failing to live up to the promises they make. That's not to say that times are hard in the eCommerce industry, because it's quite the contrary; business just keeps growing and growing! But with so many eCommerce businesses out there, you're going to need something which makes people go for you rather than any of your competitors. Knowing that people have been disappointed by other business for creating false expectations, therefore gives you something to focus on with your own business.


So that people do not feel that you also made false promises on your website, make sure that you are honest about everything that the customer pays for. No, I'm not saying that you need to draw attention to all of the flaws and downsides of your business, just that you shouldn't over exaggerate the positives. Your business as it is, I'm sure, is very good and you don't need to over exaggerate to get people to buy from you. Don't list products before they're ready and don't make promises about deliveries (or whatever else) if you cannot keep them one hundred percent of the time.


By all means, draw a lot of attention to your strengths and let people know just why it is that they are so helpful, because it’s important that people know how good your service is. What you should not do is make claims about your business which will not necessarily be true of everybody. This is what makes people feel that eCommerce businesses are making false promises and this is exactly the thing that you'll avoid with your own, honest website. So, if you were thinking of starting your own eCommerce website then sign up for Sellr now to get things started and, when you do, make sure that you're honest.


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