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By Adam  |  7 Dec 2015 10:00:00

When a business has a jingle, that jingle can often get stuck in your mind for a very long time. If a business gets stuck in somebody's head, then the chances of that person buying from that business are greatly increased. If you need to buy a rather specialised product and have already heard of one of the businesses offering it, they'll be the one you probably turn to. Often it won't even be a conscious thing, but if one business feels more familiar to you in some way (maybe you saw an advert and then forgot it) then they're who you're more likely to turn to.


Jingles are a good way for you to have a lasting impression on customers and that's exactly what you want to achieve. Some of you may think that as small independent eCommerce businesses, there won't really be any use in you getting a jingle; jingles are mostly used in television advertisements, and that's way out of your budget! But, actually, even the smallest of businesses could find a use for jingles. When you do content marketing for your business, part of this might include video content and you could include a jingle at the end of each video. As long as you have good resources for recording, it shouldn't be too hard to record a nice jingle.


But, of course, jingles aren't going to be appropriate for every kind of business. If you sold war memorial type items, then any kind of jingle would doubtlessly seem disrespectful. I don't imagine there are any funeral services which have a jingle either. So gauge it, make a jingle if it's appropriate (and have the resources to do it well) but don't really worry if it's not or you can't. However you choose to market your eCommerce website, I hope that it will go well, but if you don't even have an eCommerce website yet, then sign up to Sellr and make one for no cost at all!


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