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By Adam  |  4 Sep 2015 19:00:00

In the modern world if you want to start a business, you're more than likely going to want to get your own website as well. If you sell specific products with that business, you won't just want any old website, you'll want an eCommerce website so that you can sell your products to people all over the world. So you'll doubtlessly want to approach a web designer; there are a huge number of them around the internet and they're all keen to get you as a client. But if you want to have a website built, those web designers are likely to charge you thousands of pounds.


"We can't charge you any less," a seedy web designer will say to you "that's just how much it costs when you take everything into account. You wouldn't expect to get a car for a tenner would ya, love?" before bursting out in grizzly laughter, rubbing his hands together and then lighting up a cigar and blowing smoke in your face.  But this man is trying to rip you off! Web designers think that because they know a lot about a fairly technical subject, they can charge you whatever they want, since you presumably do not have the same understanding of the subject as they do. But the truth is you can get a website for much cheaper than is commonly assumed.


Here at Sellr, if you sign up to our 'Sellr Pro' package or higher, then we'll create a custom eCommerce website just for you! If you sign up now the price is just £199.99 a year, but with a business like yours you're certain to be making more than that anyway meaning that small cost will be easily affordable. So if you do sign up to Sellr, I hope you'll be very happy with your eCommerce website and that it will bring you lots of success!


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