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CloudFlare Review - Online Store Owners Must Read This

By Simon  |  20 Jan 2016 11:00:00

CloudFlare is without question the best new Internet system for website owners which has appeared in the last 10 years. CloudFlare


Cloudflare offers 5 major things. 

Firstly you can add SSL to any website. Even using their free version! (As long as you don't need to support old browsers).

Secondly it adds a web application firewall. This inspects all traffic going to your servers and looks to filter out unwanted traffic.
This might be malicious hacking attempts, or unwanted bots which are spidering your website.

Thirdly it is a DNS host to it will handle all your DNS traffic.

Fourthly it will protect your website against DDOS attacks. As traffic to your site is proxied through the CloudFlare network it can absorb and filter traffic before sending it on to your actual website.

Fifthly it acts as a CDN. (Content Delivery Network). Instead of your website having to constantly serve up the same images for example, thousands of times a day - which uses the CPU, memory and hard disk - images are stored for a few hours with Cloudflare and delivered from there. This is incredible as it means that your own server gets less bandwidth and has to serve less traffic. This might reduce your own costs and increase performance and reliability.

And the most amazing thing is that you can do most of this for Free - and if you want to pay to get all of the above, then it's only $20/month.
This is absolutely staggering.

CloudFlare have a big future ahead of them.

If you are looking for a Free Ecommerce Website you can use with CloudFlare - take a look at Sellr


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