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By Adam  |  18 Nov 2015 10:00:00

Content marketing is an effective way to keep your customers coming back to your website while also helping new people to find you. If you have some kind of blog with lots of interesting posts on it, why wouldn't your customers keep coming back to see what you post next? Plus, the more blog posts you have, the more keywords you'll have which will bring your website up in internet searches. The problem is that producing such large amounts of content is difficult and there's a chance you might run out of ideas after a while. If you do worry that your well of creativity might run dry, here are three content idea generators for you to look into.


HubSpot's Blog Topic Idea Generator
Hubspot's Blog Topic Idea Generator is a fairly standard tool for anybody who is suffering from writer's block. You have to enter three nouns which are somehow related to your business and then you'll be provided with five titles for blog posts just like that. Five is a good number, because that potentially gives you a week's worth of posts for your blog. Not everybody will need five blog posts (even just a weekly blog post would be worthwhile) but it's nice that they give you a few options. Worth bearing in mind is that the titles might not all be perfect, but you can definitely count on this when you need an idea.


Klock Work's Infographic Idea Generator
When used for content marketing, images can often prove to be even more useful than a blog post. Klock Work's Infographic Idea Generator is a great source of inspiration for content marketing images. When browsing social media, people are often in a hurry and they might not stop to click links to posts on your blog, but an infographic is much easier for customers to consume and so will help to reach those people with busy schedules. You just need to enter a noun and then it provides you with several infographic titles which incorporate that noun. Of course, infographics may not be able to convey as much information as a written post, so keep in mind that all forms of content have their strengths and weaknesses.


Plot Generator
This one's a little out there, but it still might come in handy from time to time. Plot Generator will ask you a few questions and then piece together some rough kind of story for you. These are often quite funny, and doing it will probably give you a laugh. Light-hearted or humorous blog posts can be appropriate sometimes and may well be viewed by your customers as endearing. Of course, content marketing is completely subjective and maybe you'll be writing an ongoing set of short stories instead of blog posts; in which case Plot Generator will be perfect for you! But even if you are sticking to more traditional blogging, this should at least provide you with a fun one-off blog post.


So if you do worry about coming up with ideas for your content marketing, then I hope that any one of these content idea generators will be useful for you. But if you don't even have an eCommerce website to do content marketing for, then sign up to Sellr now! It is completely free to use and comes with a great blogging system.


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