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Content Marketing for Christmas

By Adam  |  4 Dec 2015 10:00:00

Gather round people so that I can tell you the tale,
of the unfortunate business, doomed to fail.
To make matters worse, it was at Christmastime,
that this independent business started to decline.
Sales were dropping and spirits were low.
If the business failed they'd have nowhere to go.
But at their darkest moment, they got word,
that their business woes could still yet be cured.
They heard of a being; The Content Market Ear,
and it only comes just one time a year,
well, actually, that's not true. But you know what they say?
"As long as it rhymes, write it anyway."
They called for it at once, without hesitation,
Perhaps the business could be saved from degradation.
It arrived at the office the very next day,
and started writing top notch content without delay.
"How to get that great Christmas look!"
and "The one thing you want for Christmas is this book!"
Were just two of the titles,
of its Christmas content which was simply delightful.
After reading each piece, customers were heard to have said,
"Perhaps we should do our Christmas shopping on this eCommerce website instead?"
And low and behold, so the sales came!
This independent business was back in the game.
After all that worry, Christmas would still be merry.
The business owner laughed and enjoyed a glass of sherry.
Christmas was saved thanks to content marketing!
So I hope this nice story has been good and heartening.
If you're wondering what happened to The Content Market Ear,
Well, it continued to work hard on high quality content throughout the year!


I hope you enjoyed that little Christmas story. The message is that content marketing is especially important at Christmas and could do a lot to drive sales. But if you don't even have an eCommerce website yet, sign up to Sellr now and get started for no cost at all!


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