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By Adam  |  6 Sep 2015 12:00:00

You wouldn't believe it. The Content Market Ear, our favourite member of staff here at Sellr, is absolutely hilarious. Of course, it can't talk, but it can produce content and that content... Well, if you were to have a line up which included The Content Market Ear and several of the world’s most renowned comedians and I was asked to pick out who was the funniest, well I just might pick out The Content Market Ear. I mean just look at what it wore to the office the other day. What a funny, funny creature it is. Comedy gold. But golly, I mustn't get carried away.


So why am I telling you more about that national treasure, The Content Market Ear? Well, you see, the fact that it's very funny certainly works to its advantage. Its job is to write lots and lots of content all day long, and do you know what content is often the most popular and the most shared? Yes, that's right, content which is funny! It makes sense after all, that people would enjoy reading something which is fun and light-hearted, rather than something which is serious and corporate. Humour gives a business a stronger identity and endears people, and these are two things which will make people want to support you (rather than your competitors). Also, people are more likely to trust a business with a sense of humour and you obviously want to be trusted.


So keep that in mind as you do the content marketing for your own business. When you do content marketing, you're a content marketer, and if you're a content marketer do as The Content Market Ear does. I hope that this advice will push you towards creating even better content, having even more successful content marketing and therefore to drive more customers and sales! But if you don't have an eCommerce website yet, sign up to Sellr now. It's free!


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