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Create a Mascot For Your Business

By Adam  |  25 Aug 2015 08:00:00

One thing you might like to do for marketing purposes is to create a mascot for your business. A mascot is a good way to keep your business in the minds of your customers because, if you've got a unique and memorable character popping up around your website, customers are likely to remember it and therefore you. Of course, not every business will be well suited to having a mascot and you need to consider whether it would be appropriate; do you sell funeral wear? Well, if so, people aren't likely to take too kindly to your little Grim Reaper in sunglasses and sombrero mascot. But if you sell toys, a mascot could be just the thing; kids might love browsing your eCommerce website with their parents and will forever associate your mascot as the bringer of happiness.


So what kind of thing can you create as a mascot? Well, anything, really! Don't just go for a generic anthropomorphic animal because so many places will do that and if you do too it won't be very visually distinct or unique. To the right is a picture of the Pizza Creature which is a mascot I made up for a hypothetical pizza selling business. Yes, I know, my art skills are not great, but I think it serves its purpose; it is clearly associated with pizzas (the product) is very distinctive and is likely to stick in people's minds. For your own mascot, try to make it both distinct and a reflection of your product or service.


If you think a mascot would be appropriate for your business, I hope this blog post will prove to be a helpful guide. Not only will a mascot make your website itself look more appealing, but you could use it in images in your social media marketing which can then help to draw attention to sales, new products and whatever else you want people to notice. That's not to mention that, if your mascot became popular enough, you could probably even offer shirts with its picture on, or even soft toys! Mascots can be fun to create and are a good creative exercise in the world of business. Some people even go so far as to create personalities and backstories to their mascots and you might wish to do that too.


But if you've not even created an eCommerce website yet, let alone considered the possibility of a mascot, then why not sign up to Sellr now? You can make your eCommerce dream an eCommerce reality without spending a thing!


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