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By Adam  |  24 Aug 2015 08:00:00

No matter what you do for marketing, one big way that people will get an impression of your business is through your interactions with customers. Whether somebody was a customer themselves, or has merely come into contact with another customer's thoughts on the matter, your customer service is going to be something that reflects your business. Sadly, more often than not, this will not be in your favour.


Imagine you go to a shop, the service is excellent and you get exactly what you want. Now imagine you go to a shop and the service is very poor, you can't find what you're looking for and the staff don't even give you a strong indication of whether or not they even stock that item. Which of these experiences are you most likely to write about on Facebook? Which of these experiences are you more likely to tell your friends about? It's going to be the negative one, isn't it? You see, people are just more likely to tell negative stories than positive ones. Perhaps people think negative stories are funnier or more interesting, but whatever the reason you only have to reflect on your own experiences to realise this is true and that's the important thing.


So the message to take away from this blog post is that the negative consequence of a bad customer interaction is much greater than the positive consequence of a good customer interaction. Though, obviously, you have to draw the line somewhere and sometimes customers can be unreasonable, you should still try your hardest to accommodate everyone who comes to your eCommerce website as much as possible. It would be a huge shame if one or two negative customer experiences then turned a large number of people away from your business.


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