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By Adam  |  17 Jul 2015 19:00:00

Are you making good use of Sellr's blog feature? You should be, because running a blog in conjunction with your eCommerce website is a very good idea. Anyway, assuming you are maintaining a blog too, we just updated the image repository and made it much more convenient to use. In the past there were only a certain number of images you could upload for blog posts and they were all listed on the same page, but now you can have an infinite number of uploads and they get listed across many, smaller pages, with the most recent first.


This is very useful because everything you post on your blog should go up with an image. It's a simple fact of the human mind that people are more likely to read something with an image on it, rather than just a block of text, because it just looks more interesting. Of course, you need to make sure that you aren't in violation of any kind of copyright, but there are a lot of services online which will provide you with copyright-free images. These services are either free, or come at a price (obviously, you get a broader selection if you pay). Back when we had only a limited number of possible uploads you'd either have to recycle old images for new posts, make posts without images or delete the images from an old post to make room for new images every time you wrote something new; none of those options were ideal.


Plus, of course, the general layout is much easier to use now too; in the past all the uploaded images went onto a single page and you had to scroll all the way down to get the URL of the image you wanted to use. Now the image you've just uploaded appears first so you don't have to scroll down for it, but even if you do need to access an older image, the image repository has now been broken down into several pages, which means you can browse through all of your uploads very easily!


So, if you haven't started the blog on your Sellr website yet, now's the time to do so, because it just got even easier! And if you don't even have Sellr yet; sign up now! It is completely free.


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