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eBay Sponsored Ads

By Adam  |  20 Oct 2015 09:00:00

People who have been selling over eBay have recently been frustrated by an addition to the service which is damaging to their sales. The thing that's been causing this problem is the fact that eBay has starting putting sponsored ads all over people's pages. This means that, if somebody ran an eBay shop, then a customer coming to buy from it would see adverts; adverts which, more often than not, lead to that person's competitors. Sometimes it was other eBay sellers and sometimes it was businesses from other websites entirely! It's sad to say it, but eBay users have a hard enough time finding customers and eBay have now made the task even more difficult.


It's because of things like this that it's a good idea to sell in more places than one. The more places you list your items, the more chances there are for people to find you. So, if you sell on eBay, why not try selling on Amazon too? Or why not set up your own eCommerce website with Sellr? With Sellr, it would be your website and so you'd never have to worry about ads suddenly appearing and drawing people away. When you use eBay you're left at their mercy; who knows what rules, policies and changes they might bring in? With Sellr, you're in charge. Is a customer claiming a refund unfairly? Well, then don't give them one! Feel eBay's store layouts are too restrictive? With Sellr you can build the website yourself or have a unique one made just for you! It gives you a lot of freedom and will doubtlessly be hugely beneficial to independent sellers like yourself.


So, I certainly hope that gives you a nice alternative, if eBay were driving you away with their sponsored ads. The sad thing is, of course, that you just know that the decision was entirely tied to money with no real consideration for how their users would feel. Sellr has been designed to accommodate businesses of all different sizes; if you're just starting out and don't yet have much money, then go for 'Sellr FREE' but if you're already quite established, then go for 'Sellr Business' and have a unique website made just for you. No matter who you are, Sellr can help your business. So why not sign up right away?


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