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eCommerce Christmas Wishes

By Adam  |  24 Dec 2015 12:00:00

It's Christmas Eve! Time sure has flown by; it feels like just yesterday it was the middle of the summer and very soon it will be 2016. Have you experienced a spike in sales over this Christmas season? If so, congratulations! I hope you are able to enjoy the profits. If not, I'm sorry to hear it and now may be the time to reflect on that. Did you do any marketing for Christmas? If not, that is something you should really think about doing next year. Also, keep in mind that the Christmas season won't be over tomorrow!


As somebody who runs an eCommerce website, the Christmas 'spike' might even last into January! What's probably the most common gift on Christmas day? The answer is money. Everybody has friends or relatives who don't really know what they want and so just slip a bit of cash into their card and some people are just happier to receive money than gifts. Most people also have the day off work on Christmas, and when people have the day off, they're likely to head onto the internet and maybe onto your eCommerce website... Indeed, people spending their Christmas money on Christmas day might bring in as many sales on any other day leading up to Christmas. Plus, then there are the people who buy late gifts and some people who simply might be exchanging their presents on later dates, for various reasons.


Even when the Christmas purchases are all wrapped up... Then comes New Year's and the January sales. The work never really stops for hard working eCommerce people like you. So, have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope you get a chance to sit back, relax, open some great presents and eat some delicious food. You’ve earned it.


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