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eCommerce Grows in Turkey

By Adam  |  2 Jul 2015 19:00:00

The news has just come through that, in Turkey, the eCommerce industry has grown in value and is now worth the equivalent of £4.5 billion! This accounts for 1.6% of all Turkish retail business, which is certainly an exciting prospect. As we move forward through time and become more and more technological, I imagine this trend is going to continue. This is good news for all of you with Sellr accounts, because business is likely to just get better and better!


It's quite nice that things are going this way because not only does it mean that things are getting to be more and more convenient from the customer's point of view (they now have access to a huge number of products at the tips of their fingers, all of which will be delivered straight to their door) but also for you, the people who run these eCommerce websites. Due to the nature of the internet, independent traders now have the opportunity to trade on a much larger scale, giving them the opportunity for more customers, more sales and a broader influence! This can only mean good things for everyone.


And don't forget! The internet is an international community; if more people are using eCommerce in Turkey, there are more people out there who might come across your website! This is another reason to use the Google Translate widget on your website, as you really don't want to fall behind with this global community. What's important to remember is that eCommerce makes up 1.6% of all retail in Turkey... but it makes up an even larger percentage, closer to 6% in a lot of other places! The world of eCommerce is growing all the time, so why don't you join it? Use Sellr and set up your completely free eCommerce website right away!


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