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By Adam  |  7 Jul 2015 15:00:00

The eCommerce industry is one which has continued to grow and grow since it started out. As more and more people have become technologically capable and more and more people have gained access to computers, it's only natural that eCommerce would become popular. The internet now provides people with a tool which they can use to order whatever they want whenever they want, saving them having to look through shops, and with things like Amazon's recent one hour delivery service, you would think that business would continue to grow.


But not so, according to eCommerce expert, Paul Watson who claims that the industry would be hurt significantly if England were to drop out of the European Union. Paul claims that dropping out of the EU would decrease sales between England and the European nations. At present he estimates that 40% of all exports go to France and Germany alone, and 20% of all eCommerce business is exports. If Paul’s figures are correct and there was going to be a decrease you can see why he would think that leaving the EU would be harmful to eCommerce businesses.


So do we have anything to worry about? I'm going to say no. You should look into where the majority of your customers are coming from, and if they're in England this isn't going to affect you at all, but even if they aren't in England, I'd still say that there is nothing to worry about. Firstly, we don't know whether the country will leave the EU or not and secondly, Paul could be wrong. Leaving the EU won't necessarily damage sales and business may continue as usual. Of course, we can never be sure what the future may hold, but I think that this is such a vague concern that you shouldn't be worried. Face these things when you get to them, rather than worrying about them in advance, especially things as minor as this.


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