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eCommerce in Rural China

By Adam  |  3 Aug 2015 19:00:00


It has been reported that, as rural areas in China begin to catch up with the western world in terms of wealth and technology, they are also making the leap to eCommerce! With the size of China's population, this is no small increase in eCommerce customers; this has actually caused a worldwide boom in eCommerce sales! Are you feeling it? I certainly hope so, but if not, let's consider why it might be!


These newcomers to the world of eCommerce will be buying things that they have no easy access to at their own home. Are you selling a product which, while interested to the average English customer, would be very common place to somebody living in rural China? If so, that could be the answer. Another thing to consider is that, maybe your website is not optimised for users from other countries? Are you using Google Translate on your site? I've written a full post on that subject before, but I'll give you a brief overview here: basically, a Google Translate widget can easily be implemented on your website and it can then translate your website into the native language of any foreign visitors. After all, would you buy something, no matter how amazing it was, from a website that was entirely in Chinese? I think not! (that is, assuming you aren't fluent in Chinese.)


So keep in mind that, once your website is online, it is accessible to the whole world, and, as such, you want them to be able to use it properly! If you don't yet have an eCommerce website, why not sign up for Sellr now and start one for no cost whatsoever? This is the perfect time to get into the world of eCommerce and if you spend just a few minutes polishing up your website each day, you might have something you can live off eventually!


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