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By Adam  |  11 Jan 2016 12:00:00

Infographics are always nice. They're a great way to share information in easy to digest bites; you can make summaries of things and use visual designs so that they'll really stick in people’s minds. People love to share infographics too, simply because they like to share information! So infographics make for great pieces of content marketing because, not only do they cement the businesses that share them as experts in their field, but they are also naturally highly sharable things. As a perfect example of this in action, take a look at this fantastic eCommerce infographic that was created by Tracking Courier. It's full of facts that will be of interest to anybody who's thinking about starting up their own eCommerce website; it covers things like: the number of people who are active on the internet, the biggest eCommerce businesses as of right now and so much more. Even if the information isn't directly useful to you (and I'm not saying it won't be) it will at very least be interesting!


I haven't shared the entirety of the infographic in this blog post because it's a little too big for our blog, but if you click on the portion of it that I did post then you'll be able to see the full thing. A lot of the stuff on there just goes to show you how big the eCommerce industry has become lately. Since eCommerce has grown so much, now really is the perfect time to get in on it. If you've been sitting on an unused Sellr account for some time, then why not use today as the day that you put everything together and properly launch it? It could be a great way to get your business known to a broader range of people and to increase sales and profits; the increase in profits could then be used to expand and improve your business until it is able to do everything you'd hoped.


If you don't have a business, that doesn't mean you can't start an eCommerce website. For many people, the launching of a website is the start of a brand new business venture, rather than just something to do with an established business. So if you do think that you might like to take a step into the world of eCommerce and online business, then sign up to Sellr now! For no cost at all with give you all the tools you need to put together your very own eCommerce website or, if you'd like something more substantial, you can pay for our £199.99 year-long "Sellr Pro" package and we'll make you a site exactly to your specifications. Whatever you do, I hope you will find fulfilment in your pursuits. 


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