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By Adam  |  2 Oct 2015 18:00:00

Not too long ago, Facebook added a new feature so that business pages could sell their products directly on Facebook. This became known as fCommerce and a fair number of people became very excited about it. Now, in response, Twitter are taking steps in the same direction so that they, too, will be able to allow businesses to sell directly over them. I doubt that anybody will ever called it 'tCommerce' though, because people might think the 't' stands for 'television' or 'tablet' rather than 'Twitter' and nobody likes confusion.


It's a fairly interesting piece of news, because Twitter is especially useful when it comes to finding new people. You just need to see who's following your competitors and then, just like that, you have access to a potentially huge list of prospects. You can then go ahead and interact with all of them as you see fit; share their work, leave pleasant messages or maybe just outright tell them that your business is good and give them links. However you approach Twitter marketing, this is most likely going to bring a lot of prospects to your Twitter feed. If they can buy from you through Twitter, it saves them having to take that extra step of going on to your main website and therefore increases the chance of a sale being made.


Of course, you can already tweet links (with images) to direct item pages anyway, so I am not entirely sure if this will see all that much usage. Perhaps this is more likely going to be an easier way for existing customers to buy from you again, once they already know you and trust you, rather than a way for new customers to be made. Still, it is an interesting development and it is always good to try and keep as many people happy with your business as possible. I hope that your Twitter marketing will be effective and that your eCommerce business will continue to grow! But if you don't even have an eCommerce website yet, sign up to Sellr and create one for no cost at all!




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