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By Adam  |  23 Aug 2015 12:00:00

It has been reported by The Hindu newspaper, that the eCommerce industry generates revenue of $1.2 million every thirty seconds! That's just under a million in pounds, but still that's an unimaginably huge amount of money. It only goes to show how common it has become for people to buy things over the internet; everybody does it all the time and though regular shops are still the most common place for people to buy things, the popularity of eCommerce is not to be snuffed at. So if you have been thinking about taking your business onto the internet, or even just starting an eCommerce business, then now seems like the ideal time to do so!


What the article also stressed was that large sums of money were also tied to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, three of the most popular social media websites. Social media marketing is very useful and very important; any eCommerce business should be making use of it. The different outlets all help you to do different things, but mainly they give you a good platform for customer support type enquiries, a way to keep your business in the minds of all your existing customers (so they keep coming back) and, also, to reach and interaction with new, potential customers.


It's an industry in which there is definitely money to be made and it's a great chance for creative types to sell the products which they have created themselves to a large audience. In the past, if you lived in an isolated area, it would be hard to get your business going, but now, thanks to the internet, you have instant access to people all over the world. So sign up to Sellr, create your eCommerce website, market it over social media, attract large number of customers and reap the rewards! But if you already have a Sellr account, just sit back and enjoy this metaphorical ride.


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