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By Adam  |  19 Jul 2015 18:00:00

Marketing is especially important for eCommerce websites. With shops that are out on the street marketing is important too, but they'll get a reasonable number of customers just from the fact that people walk past them every single day. With the internet you don't have that luxury. Somebody might come to your website, love it, buy something and then never come back and forget about you. There's no promise that people will return to you. This is why marketing is so important to the owner of eCommerce websites. Social media marketing is important and content marketing is important, but in this blog post I am going to talk about email marketing.


While people learn to zone out marketing on social media, email marketing is likely to catch people's attention because it is targeted specifically at them. People usually start the day by having a laid back look through their emails and it's the perfect time for them to receive a friendly reminder of your business. That's why it's good to send out periodical newsletters to your customers; it lets them know that you are still around and would still appreciate their business and also gives them an idea of your current sales and products. That's not to mention things like autoresponders and abandonment emails, all of which will help to ensure that people are returning to your website and making purchases.


Because we know how important email marketing is to anybody with an eCommerce website and we are specifically trying to help people get started with their own eCommerce websites, we felt it was important to provide you with everything you need to manage your own email marketing campaign. We have a variety of templates which you can use to create letters which can then be sent to all of the people on your mailing list. These templates can be edited and customised in whatever ways you see fit; add your own images, write as much as you feel is appropriate and add your company logo to make it into something which really reflects your business.


So, if you didn't realise we offered that service, click the 'Marketing' tab and get your email marketing campaign started today! And if you've not even started your own eCommerce website yet, sign up for Sellr now! It can be used for no payment at all.


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