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Email Marketing With MailChimp

By Adam  |  22 Jul 2015 09:00:00

Email marketing has proved to be very effective over the years and it's especially important to people who run eCommerce websites. Social media marketing is good, because it manages to keep you in the minds of your customers and ensure that they will return, but email marketing works just a little better because it is much more personalised. People can zone out the marketing they see on their social media feeds, but every email they get in their inbox is going to get their full attention (even if they're just reading the subject before pressing 'delete'!).


So a business you might want to consider looking into is MailChimp. MailChimp provides many email marketing services which will doubtlessly prove to be very helpful. It allows you to send out mass emails, schedule emails and to personalise stock emails which are sent to specific customers. I know what you're going to say "Sellr already gives me all of that, why would I pay another service to do the same thing?" and you're right, Sellr does provide you with a very good email marketing system! However, our primary focus is giving you a superb eCommerce website, whereas MailChimp's primary focus is to give you a superb emailing system and so they give just a little bit more. MailChimp provides you with hugely beneficial charts and graphs to show you how effective the emails have been and what people are doing to them; this will help you to see what kinds of emails are effective and what kinds are not. With that information, you can alter what you're sending out and refine your marketing to make it even more effective!


So if that sounds like something which could be beneficial to you, why not sign up to MailChimp right away? But if you've not really gotten started with the email marketing yet, why not make a move with Sellr's email marketing system? Though it is not as good as MailChimp's it's still incredibly useful and really all you need for an email marketing campaign. And, finally, if you've not even got a Sellr account yet... Well, you know what I'm going to say!


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