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By Adam  |  4 Aug 2015 15:00:00

Perhaps you already have an eCommerce website. Perhaps you already have some other form of popular internet presence and you don't ever want to expand to include eCommerce. You're probably thinking "what possible use is Sellr to me?" well, actually, Sellr comes with several features beyond the mere eCommerce website creation tool and, even if you have your own eCommerce website which was made with no connection to Sellr at all, you could still use Sellr to aid that website.


The main thing I am talking about is email marketing. The ability to send out regular newsletters and to send emails to potential customers is something which is extremely beneficial. Newsletters are a good way to keep people reminded of you and your business and to ensure that they return to your website. Newsletters also give you a good way of spreading new pieces of information related to your business; maybe you'd added something to your website and were a little unsure of how to draw people's attention to it, a newsletter might be the way to go! Also, if you've done something especially good in the name of your business (a charitable donation, for example) then, again, a newsletter is one of the best ways to let people know about that (and, of course, you want people to know! If you do charitable acts in the name of your business then it will encourage them that you are worth their time.) That's not to mention that emailing potential customers stands to help brand new people discover you (who will then be kept, through the newsletters!)


So I hope that shows that Sellr needn't only be used if you're planning on starting up your own eCommerce website! If you've already got an eCommerce website, or even just a website of another kind that you want to draw people in to, Sellr could still be for you and could help you to reach new people! So with that in mind, why not sign up now?


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