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External Factors in Business

By Adam  |  6 Aug 2015 15:00:00

Do you rely heavily on social media marketing? Do you specialise in the kinds of tools which would be used by people hoping to escape from prison? Well, if you did just launch your social media campaign for your prisoner demographic, I've got bad news for you: prisons in Scotland are really coming down on inmates who are using social media. Social media is banned in prisons and so the prisoners are resorting to illegal means to access it, which is why they have to really crack down on it. So, unfortunately, it looks like the eCommerce website, Getting Back in the Game, might experience a significant rough patch.


Okay, of course, I am only joking. I know that it's extremely unlikely that any of you will have prisoners as your main demographic and so I doubt that anybody is going to be effected by this. So why have I written this blog post? Well, mainly because I want to point out to you that, while this specific case won't affect you, you have to keep up with this kind of news, just to be sure nothing is happening out in the world which is likely to negatively affect your business. Things like changing laws, internet censorship and popular trends all stand the risk of negatively impacting your business, so it's good to keep on top of this kind of thing and do a bit of research whenever you can.


You should also be keeping your eyes peeled for things that will impact your business positively as well. Maybe a new trend means that your product is likely to become very popular; if that's the case, then capitalise on it! Make the connection between your product and that trend and reap the rewards. Keep up with the news in your industry because, good or bad, it will let you know what to prepare for and how you can keep things running as smoothly as possible.


Plus, to make a quick point about content marketing; the news story I've linked to has very little to do about the world of eCommerce, but I have still been able to use it to write a post which is relevant to this blog. With content marketing, you eventually realise that inspiration can come from anywhere. But the point is to keep up with the news because it will doubtlessly be beneficial in terms of planning and marketing. But if you've not launched your eCommerce website yet, why not sign up to Sellr and get things started for no cost at all!


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