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Facebook Down

By Adam  |  30 Sep 2015 18:00:00

Are you a regular user of social media? If so, then you doubtlessly know that Facebook went offline for brief periods a couple of times over the last week. People were outraged. I suppose this is understandable; if you were getting ready to share some photographs, having a heart to heart talk with an old friend or were expecting an important message, then it's no surprise that Facebook suddenly becoming unusable will have been an irritation. Anyway, what can you, the owner of an eCommerce website, learn from this incident?


Firstly, it's interesting to see that while Facebook was offline, everybody seemed to flock to Twitter to discuss it. Twitter is pretty much Facebook's only real rival when it comes to websites that are thought of as the best social media site. This should give you something to reflect on; if you ever do anything which renders your website unusable, customers who come to buy from you will then head to your competitors! If that happened it would not be impossible for them to be impressed and therefore stay with the competitors. So if you're making changes to your site, or whatever else, make sure people are still able to access it as usual!


Secondly, I wanted to point out that when Facebook does go offline, it might well be a good opportunity for you. You see, a lot of people spend time online just browsing Facebook with no real goal. If, all of a sudden, Facebook is inaccessible, what will they do? Well, they'll look around at other parts of the internet and they might just look around on eCommerce websites. I am pretty confident that there'll have been a surge in eCommerce transactions during both of those times that Facebook went down. So next time it happens (which, actually, may not be for some time) get onto your other social media outlets and do everything you can to get people in your online shop! They'll be looking for something to do, so why not give them something?


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