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Facebook Reactions Have Launched

By Adam  |  25 Feb 2016 12:00:00

A while ago there was talk of Facebook replacing the classic "Like" button with a whole set of "Reaction Buttons" which allow a broader set of emotions to be conveyed - this has now happened for every Facebook user! Now, instead of merely being able to convey that they 'like' a post, they can also click to show that they 'love' a post, that it made them say "haha" or "wow" or if it made them ‘angry’. This is quite a good feature because it allows users to express their thoughts about things in a much simpler way.


Does this affect those who run eCommerce businesses? Why, yes. Yes it does. If you run an eCommerce website you should be doing Facebook marketing to try and help spread the word of your business. The tricky thing with social media marketing, however, is knowing what people do and do not like. Thanks to the Reaction Buttons, your customers have now been given an easier way to give you feedback on your Facebook posts! If you post something which people think is annoying or a piece of misleading "click bait" then they can convey that they are angry about that with a mere click of a button. People like to express how they feel about things, especially when they're annoyed, and this will be a good way to know when you've made a misstep with your Facebook marketing. On the other hand, if you ever do something that's really good, people might click to show you that they "love" it and once you know that you've done a really good job with something, you can do more of it in future.


So, if you didn't really think that the Reaction Buttons were very interesting or useful, hopefully this will show you that there is quite a practical use for them. Hopefully this will be able to aid you in your quest to improve your social media marketing and you'll be able to use it to increase traffic and sales on your eCommerce website! But if you don't yet have an eCommerce website, then sign up to Sellr now and get one started for no cost at all.


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